Transactions of KarRC RAS :: Scientific publications
Transactions of KarRC RAS :: Scientific publications

Transactions of KarRC RAS :: Scientific publications
Karelian Research Centre of RAS
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Transactions of KarRC RAS :: Scientific publications
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Transactions of KarRC RAS :: Scientific publications

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Articles in journal:

Short communications6
I.A. Abdrakhmanov, Yu.L. Gulbin, I.M. Gembitskaya. Evolution of mineral assemblages in granulites from bunger hills, east antarctia, as a result of their geodynamic settings6
P.Ya. Azimov. Origin of the "cold" (low-temperature) granulites in the belomorian mobile belt: the role of carbon dioxide in metamorphic fluid10
A.A. Arzamastsev. Evolution of magmatism in the paleoproterozoic pechengavarzuga rift in light of new data on neogene-quaternary rift structures of East Africa14
S.K. Baltybaev. Svecofennian acretion orogen: modern views on its structure and evolution18
N.A. Bozhko. Some features of neoproterozoic geodynamics22
.I. Volodichev, .I. Kuzenko. Zircons from massive eclogites on Stolbikha island, Gridino area, Belomorian province, Fennoscandian shield26
S.V. Vysotskiy, T.A. Velivetskaya, A.V. Ignatiev. Multiisotope (δ33S, δ34S, δ36S) composition of sulfur in sulfides of ancient ores: significance for determining sulfur sources, biogeochemical processes30
K.G. Erofeeva, A.V. Samsonov, T.A. Pilitsyna, A.N. Larionov, V.A. Spiridonov, A.V. Postnikov, A.Yu. Vovshina, A.S. Dubenskiy. Relicts of destroyed oceanic island arcs in the paleoproterozoic vyatka orogen (East-European craton)34
N.A. Imamverdiyev. Ancient subduction process effect on the origin of late-collision volcanism in the lesser caucasus38
.V. Kaulina, L.I. Nerovich, V.I. Bocharov, V.V. Shilovskikh, V.L. Ilchenko. Paleoproterozoic layered jarva-varaka massif (Kola region) a probable astrobleme42
P.S. Kozlov. North Yenisei orogen (West Siberian craton): genetic stages and tectono-metamorphic evolution of precambrian formations46
N.E. Kozlov, N.O. Sorokhtin. Possibilities and constraints of petrogeochemical methods in the study of precambrian complex evolution history50
V.M. Kozlovsky, V.V. Travin, T.F. Zinger, E.B. Kurdyukov, M.A. Yakushik. Archean charnockiteenderbite complex in the White Sea area: origin and melt generation settings55
E.Kh. Korish, K.A. Savko, E.B. Salnikova, A.V. Samsonov, A.A. Ivanova, A.N. Larionov, S.V. Tsybulyaev. Paleoproterozoic diorite-granodiorite magmatism of the Kursk block of sarmatia: deciphering time-adjacent geological events60
A.A. Kravchenko, G.S. Anisimova, V.I. Beryozkin, N.V. Popov, E.E. Loskutov, A.I. Zhuravlev. Geology and metallogenic specialization of paleoproterozoic granulite complexes in the north of the Aldan-Stanovoy shield64
N.M. Kudryashov, E.V. Galeeva, O.V. Udoratina, A.A. Kalinin, M. Grove. The archean stage of rare-metal (Li, Cs) pegmatite formation in the north-eastern part of the Fennoscandian shield68
I.I. Likhanov. Anorogenic magmatism of the Yenisey ridge: evidence for breakup of supercontinents73
I.I. Likhanov. New evidence for the grenville and valhalla tectonic events at the western margin of the siberian craton: the case of the garevka metacomplex, yenisey ridge77
I.I. Likhanov. Reconstruction of P-T-t paths and tectonomagmatic reasons of metamorphism for collision, extension, and shear zone geodynamic settings of the earths crust81
N.V. Lubnina, .I. Slabunov, .V. Stepanova, N.S. Nesterova. Belomorian mobile belt as part of the Nuna/Columbia supercontinent: new paleomagnetic and geological data85
.. Maksimov. P-T-t trends in the metamorphic transformation of eclogites in the Gridino complex of the Belomorian province (Stolbikha island and Samylino area)91
P.V. Medvedev. Precambrian iron formations: paleoecological and paleontological aspects95
S.V. Mezhelovskaya, A.D. Mezhelovskiy. Windy belt paleoproterozoic structure: unresolved issues99
T.A. Myskova, A.S. Nikonova, K.A. Nikonov, I.A. Zhitnikova, P.A. Lvov. The Kichan archean island-arc system (new geochemical and isotope geochronology evidence)103
M.E. Petrakova, K.A. Savko, Sh.K. Baltybaev. Magmatism of the don terrane of the Volga-Don orogen107
O.P. Polyansky, A.D. Nozhkin, E.V. Sokol, A.V. Babichev, A.N. Semenov. Pseudotachylites of the main anabar fault (anabar shield): petrological-rheological indicators of melting and the age of deformations111
A.M. Pystin, Yu.I. Pystina, O.V. Grakova, N.S. Ulyasheva. Age limits of the upper precambrian subpolar and polar urals: towards the timing of the timan passive margin formation116
K.A. Savko, A.B. Kuznetsov, I.M. Vasilyeva, M.Yu. Ovchinnikova. Isotope geochemistry evidence for global changes in sarmatia hydrosphere composition during the paleoproterozoic120
S.G. Skublov, A.V. Berezin, L.I. Salimgaraeva. Results of integrated dating of eclogites of the belomorian mobile belt124
A.I. Slabunov. Archaean and paleoproterozoic orogens of the Fennoscandian shield: comparative analysis of architecture and crustal evolution128
A.I. Slabunov, S.A. Svetov, A.V. Stepanova, P.V. Medvedev, A.K. Polin. A new tectonic map of karelia: the main concept and its application132
.I. Slabunov, .V. Kervinen, N.S. Nesterova, .V. Egorov, .. Maksimov, P.V. Medvedev. Polychronous evolution of neoarchean banded iron formation in the main ore sequence of the Kostomuksha greenstone belt: the age of zircons and accessory minerals139
V.P. Sukhorukov, V.B. Saveleva. Stages and age of metamorphism of the eastern part of kitoy block (sharyzhalgai uplift, siberian craton)144
O.M. Turkina. Analysis of mantle sources for mafic associations on the basis of geochemical and nd isotopic data148
O.M. Turkina, A.E. Izokh, N.G. Berezhnaya. Mantle evolution from archaen to paleoproterozoic: synthesis of geochemical and nd isotopic data on mafic associations from the south-west siberian craton152
S.I. Turchenko. Comparative metallogeny of the archean and proterozoic stages in the geological evolution of the Earth156
A.A. Shchipansky. Collisional orogenesis in the paleoproterozoic era: tectonics of natural orogens vs. Numerical models160
A.I. Slabunov, S.A. Svetov, A.V. Stepanova. Russian Precambrian Summit to be continued164

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