Transactions of KarRC RAS :: Biogeography
Transactions of KarRC RAS :: Biogeography

Transactions of KarRC RAS :: Biogeography
Karelian Research Centre of RAS
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Transactions of KarRC RAS :: Biogeography
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Transactions of KarRC RAS :: Biogeography

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Aleksandr M. Kryshen', DSc, Forest Research Institute KarRC RAS

Deputy Editor-in-Charge
Aleksandr V. Artemiev , DSc, Institute of Biology KarRC RAS;

Executive Secretary
Olga O. Predtechenskaya, PhD, Forest Research Institute KarRC RAS

Editorial Board
Ivan N. Bolotov, DSc, RAS Corr. Fellow, Northern (Arctic) Federal University named after M.V. Lomonosov;
Andrey N. Gromtsev, DSc, Forest Research Institute, KarRC RAS;
Svetlana V. Dyogteva, DSc, RAS Corr. Fellow, Institute of Biology, Komi Science Centre, RAS Ural Branch
Evgeny P. Ieshko, DSc, Prof., Institute of Biology, KarRC RAS;
Sergey F. Komulainen, DSc, Institute of Biology, KarRC RAS;
Aleksey V. Kravchenko, PhD, Forest Research Institute, KarRC RAS;
Oleg L. Kuznetsov, DSc, Institute of Biology, KarRC RAS;
Valentina Yu. Neshataeva, DSc, Komarov Botanical Institute, RAS;
Alexander I. Slabunov, DSc, Senior Researcher, Institute of Geology, KarRC RAS;
Subetto D.A., DSc, Herzen State Pedagogical University of Russia.

Biogeography is one of geographic (physical geography) and biological sciences. It investigates patterns in the occurrence and distribution of plant and animal cenoses, as well as of animals, plants and microorganisms (species, genera, other taxa) around the globe. In this sense, it is, in fact, a science about biological diversity, thus closely related to ecology, biogeocenology, landscape science.

The historical dimension of biogeography consists in the study of the effect of the Earth's geological past on the modern distribution of biological communities and organisms.

The regional dimension of biogeography is investigation of patterns in the distribution of communities and organisms within a certain area, with view to floral, faunal and biogeographic zoning.

In its ecological dimension, biogeography addresses the biological productivity of communities and the role of various groups of organisms in ecosystem structure and function. An important component is research into the geographic patterns in interactions among organisms.

A topical aspect of the science of biogeography is studies of the human impact on the nature, and the science itself is the theoretical basis for sustainable use of plant and animal resources, conservation of species and communities, building the network of protected areas.

Contact information
Olga Predtechenskaya, PhD, Editorial Board Executive Secretary

The manuscript must satisfy the Instructions for Authors of the Transactions of KarRC RAS. Having received the manuscript, the editors assign a reference number to it (given that the basic manuscript guidelines are fulfilled), and forward it for peer review. Reviews are based on standard questionnaires, and may additionally contain extended comments. The reviewer may also add remarks and corrections to the text itself. The authors would receive an electronic version of the questionnaire and the reviewer's comments. The authors are to return the revised copy together with the initial copy and answers to all the reviewer's questions within a month after receiving the review. In the case the editorship does not receive the revised manuscript within 4 months, the registration is cancelled, and the paper is archived. Issues in the series will be compiled as papers are submitted. Publication of the papers will be in the order of submission. Out-of-turn publication is possible only if decided by the editor-in-charge. In the case of dispute, the manuscript shall be discussed at the meeting of the editorial board of the series. Before the issue is send to the press, the authors shall receive a print-out of the paper for proof-reading, to be then signed and returned to the editorial office.

The address for submission of manuscripts for the "Biogeography" series of the Transactions of KarRC RAS is:

Transactions of KarRC RAS Editorial Office
11 Pushkinskaya St.,
185910 Petrozavodsk, Republic of Karelia, Russia



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