Transactions of KarRC RAS :: Scientific publications
Transactions of KarRC RAS :: Scientific publications

Transactions of KarRC RAS :: Scientific publications
Karelian Research Centre of RAS
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Transactions of KarRC RAS :: Scientific publications
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Transactions of KarRC RAS :: Scientific publications

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. No 3.
2014. 200 .
Transactions of Karelian Research Centre of Russian Academy of Science. No 3. Humanitarian studies. 2014. 200 p.

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Articles in journal:

A.E. Zagrebin. Ethnographic finnougric studies in Russia: the evolution of scientific ideas and knowledge3
S.I. Kochkurkina, O.V. Orfinskaya. Textiles from Ladoga burial mounds (a research in technology)9
T.B. Nikitina. Medieval costume of mari population as a marker of ethnic culture21
I.Yu. Vinokurova. Vepsian mythological characters associated with horticulture: the ethnocultural sources and genesis33
P. Veres. The etiological myth of obugrians on the origins of phratrial organization, and their world model43
M.V. Kundozerova. The reflections of the world creation myth in the Karelian epic "The Singing Match"53
E.A. Pivneva. Solutions and opportunities for preserving obugric languages and cultures in the context of globalization: the experience of Ugra58
O.M. Fishman. Subject matter of everyday bilingualism of Tver karelians in the 20th21st centuries66
M.V. Mosin. Is it possible and necessary to create single literary languages for individual Uralic nations?76
D.V. Tsygankin. The word building potential of the protofinnourgic suffix ŋ in mordvin, the khanty, and the mansi languages83
S.A. Myznikov. Some aspects of the etymological analysis of the Komi language lexis90
L.P. Roshchevskaya, N.G. Lisevich. D. V. Bubrikhs documents in the scientific archives of the Komi Science Centre of the Ural Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences99
E.I. Markova. Kalevala themes in Nikolai Klyuevs narrative poem The song of the sun bearer108
A.A. Arzamazov. Between reality, myth and fiction: the image of Izhevsk in Udmurt poetry of the 1990s114
Yu.G. Antonov. The origins and evolution of comedy in Mordovian drama120
I.A. Nikitina, I.R. Takala. "Karelian cosmopolitans": Finnish Drama Theatre in 19461953125
Doctoral student notebooks134
I.M. Potasheva. Pottery of ancient karelians: the traditional and the innovative in the study methods134
A.O. Muravyov. The effect of O. W. Kuusinen's secret journey to Finland in 1919 on the pursuit of new forms of political struggle by the Finnish Communist Party141
K.A. Tarasov. Size of the Bolshevik Military organization on the eve of October 1917 events146
O.A. Kolokolova. The prodigal son theme in A. Timonens novel We are karelians149
A.A. Bern. Some features of the Finnish administrative discourse153
Dates and anniversaries158
K.K. Loginov. A. P. Kosmenko a researcher of the graphic arts of the BaltoFinnic nations of Russia158
.. .. - 158
L.I. Ivanova. V. P. Fedotova a gatherer and researcher of Karelian phraseology165
.. . . 165
I.P. Novak. Alexandra V. Punzhina (on the 80th anniversary169
.. ( 80- )169
V.P. Mironova. Eino Kiuru, folklorist and translator, turned 85171
.. , 85 171
N.A. Korablyov, V.G. Makurov. Yakov A. Balagurov (on the 110th anniversary)173
.., .. ( 110- )173
Reviews and bibliography176
A.I. Rupasov. Juri Ant. August Rei Estonian statesman, politician, diplomat. Tartu: National Archives, 2012. 399 p176
E.Yu. Dubrovskaya. Nick Baron. The King of Karelia. Col P. J. Woods and the British Intervention in North Russia 19181919. A History & Memoirs: a new book on the fate and fortunes of the North Karelian village during t180
S.A. Myznikov. Mikhailova L. P. A Glossary of Extentive Lexical Units in Russian Dialects. Petrozavodsk; Moscow: KGPA Publishers, 2013. 350 p183
Bibliography of publications on FinnoUgric studies by staff of the KarRC RAS Institute of Language, Literature and History in 20092013 (Compiled by N. V. Chikina)187
ILLH KarRS RAS publications in 2013190

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