Transactions of KarRC RAS :: Scientific publications
Transactions of KarRC RAS :: Scientific publications

Transactions of KarRC RAS :: Scientific publications
Karelian Research Centre of RAS
ISSN (print): 1997-3217
ISSN (online): 2312-4504
Transactions of KarRC RAS :: Scientific publications
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Transactions of KarRC RAS :: Scientific publications

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. No 4. .
2014. 188 .
Transactions of Karelian Research Centre of Russian Academy of Science. No 4. Mathematical Modeling and Information Technologies. 2014. 188 p.

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Articles in journal:

Yu.G. Abakumov, M.A. Verhoturova, V.G. Banin. Approximation constants in estimation of Lip1 class functions approximation by Baskakovs trigonometric operators3
.Z. Belashev, . V. Kabedev. Global optimization algorithms for data analysis6
Bolondinskii V.., Sheremetiev S.N. Application of cosinor-analysis to investigating of diurnal CO2 exchange dynamics in pine shoots14
G.A. Borisov, .P. Tikhomirova. Estimation of the dynamic component of load losses of energy from elements of power grids25
R.V. Voronov, .V. Lukashenko, .P. Moschevikin. Automatic recalibration of a local positioning system based on the fingerprinting technique29
.. Galakhova, .N. Kirillov. The dynamics of economic growth with structural alterations36
. Gao, V.V. Mazalov, J. , .V. Shchiptsova. Equilibrium in location game on airline market41
Yu.V. Zaika. Estimation of hydrogen thermodesorption parameters48
A.A. Ivashko. Gain maximization problem in the urn scheme62
.N. Kirillov, N.V. Smirnov. Parameter estimation of the mathematical model of the biological treatment process in an aeration tank67
.V. Kolchin. An application of the generalised allocation scheme to analysing a class of sequences generated b y a shift register75
.V. Kolchin, N.Yu. Enatskaya. Combinatorial analysis of a permutation scheme80
.V. Lasunsky. Maintaining steady-state equilibrium after discretization of the system87
A.Yu. Lukyanov, A.A. Kogut, .Z. Belashev. Software and hardware system of radon monitoring93
S.. Mikheev. A smoothing of functions100
S.. Mikheev, P.D. Morozov. Application of quasihermitian cubic splines for oversampling of audio files106
Yu.S. Tokareva. Tender model with estimation of different parameters of the project116
I.A. Cheplyukova. Limit distributions of the number of multiple edges of a vertex of a configuration graph121
I.A. Chernov. Optimal replication of tasks in a computing grid130
I.A. Chernov, .V. Tolstikov. Numerical modelling of the White Sea large-scale dynamics137
N.Yu. Enatskaya, .R. Khakimullin, .V. Kolchin. Analysis of a scheme of allocating indistinguishable particles to indistinguishable cells143
V. Kornikov, A. Pepelyshev, A. Zhigljavsky. Statistical forecasting of Earth temperature records155
A.D. Sorokin. The Institute of Applied Mathematical Research of the Karelian Research Centre RAS turned 15162
E.K. Kostikova, A.N. Rettieva. International Conference and Young Scientists School on Computational Information Technologies for Environmental Sciences: CITES-2013, Petrozavodsk, Russia, 25 August - 5 September, 2013166
V.V. Mazalov, Y.V. Chirkova, A.A. Ivashko. International workshop Networking Games and Management June 23-25, 2013168
E.E. Ivashko. 1st Russian Conference BOINC:FAST: Basic and Applied Science for Technology, Petrozavodsk, September 9-13, 2013169
E.E. Ivashko. National Super Computing Forum, Pereslavl-Zalesski, November 26-29, 2013171
Dates and anniversaries173
Yu.L. Pavlov. Valentin F. Kolchin (on the 80th anniversary)173
A.D. Sorokin, T.P. Tikhomirova. Galina V. Voinova (on the 75th anniversary)176
V.T. Vdovitsyn, A.D. Sorokin. Vladimir V. Mazalov (on the 60th anniversary)178
Yu.V. Zaika. Aleksander N. Kirillov (on the 60th anniversary)181

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