Transactions of KarRC RAS :: Scientific publications
Transactions of KarRC RAS :: Scientific publications

Transactions of KarRC RAS :: Scientific publications
Karelian Research Centre of RAS
ISSN (print): 1997-3217
ISSN (online): 2312-4504
Transactions of KarRC RAS :: Scientific publications
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Transactions of KarRC RAS :: Scientific publications

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. No 6. . :
2012. 142 .
Transactions of Karelian Research Centre of Russian Academy of Science. No 6. Region: Economy and Management. 2012. 142 p.

Transactions of Karelian Research Centre of Russian Academy of Science. No 6. Region: Economy and Management (5.55 Mb, total downloads: 1794)

Articles in journal:

A.I. Shishkin. Modernization of the society in the context of socio-economic management5
Yu. V. Saveliev, A. F. Titov. Transformation of state and society: system model of modernization as the base of strategy development of Russia11
O.V. Tolstoguzov. Region in the context of globalization: spatial and institutional aspects19
M.V. Sukharev. Regional institutional environment and cognitive processes in the local community29
A.A. Shishkin. Individual as an object and subject of public administration (the humanitarian aspect)34
Heikki Eskelinen, Aku Alanen. Migration from Russia to Eastern Finland43
Timo Lautanen. University-based entrepreneurship evidence from Eastern Finland48
Markku Sippola. Features of nordic corporate culture found in Russian factories54
T.V. Morozova, S.G. Murina, R.V. Belaya. Recreational mobility as a component of the living standard: measuring the typological diversity58
M.N. Rudakov. Republic of Karelia labour market: dynamics and differentiation of the monetary income of people68
E.V. Molchanova. Model for choosing the optimal strategy of managing medical-demographic processes77
E.A. Mikhel. Institutional structure of demographic development in Karelia85
.E. Kurilo. Economic activity of the Republic of Karelia population95
O.K. Tsapieva, Yu.N. Sagidov. Sustainable development of rural areas in a region (example of the Republic of Daghestan)101
P. V. Druzhinin, G. T. Shkiperova. Impact of economic development on the environment106
N.G. Kolesnikov. Borderness as a driver of regional economic development115
G.B. Kozyreva. Institutional problems of sustainable forestry in modern Russia (the case of Republic of Karelia)130
A.M. Tsypuk. Corruption as systemic phenomenon in public administration in modern Russia138
E.G. Nemkovich, A.E. Kurilo. Innovative processes in Republic of Karelia143
O.V. Potasheva, T.A. Kodolova, S.V. Stepanova. Building up the labour potential for innovative development of the region149
A. I. Kibitkin, S. V. Petrova. Some characteristics of lag effect as a feature of the soial-ecological-economi system of a fishing company152
N.S. Nedelko. Assessment of the sustainability of the social-ecological-economic system of the fish industry in the arctic region through determination of the main parameters of sensitivity157
I.V. Melik Gaikazov, T.A.Kovyrzina, F.D. Larichkin, Yu.G. Glushchenko, V.D. Novoseltseva. Substantiation of individual profitability and expediency levels of manufacturing the products of combined processing of multi-component mineral raw materials163
I.V. Melik-Gaikazov, T.A. Kovyrzina, F.D. Larichkin, V.I. Beloborodov, V.N. Perein. Economic efficiency of ore processing waste recycling and preparation of raw material reserves of an enterprise172
G.V. Gienko, A.G. Gienko. Problems in the development of socio-economic institutions182
V.V. Korolyov. Analysis of the performance of the regional programmers development of small and medium enterprise in Republic of Karelia until year 2014185
V.V. Kostyukevich. Effect of the forest sector industries on the gross regional product of Karelia188
E.A. Prokopev. On establishment of the forest cluster in Republic of Karelia193
A.S. Guchek. Self-employment: study approaches and methods196
A.V. Vasilyeva. Development strategy creation for cultural and historical destination200
D.G. Shmuilo. Application of the integrated index in monitoring strategic documents of a region204
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