Transactions of KarRC RAS :: Scientific publications
Transactions of KarRC RAS :: Scientific publications

Transactions of KarRC RAS :: Scientific publications
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Transactions of KarRC RAS :: Scientific publications
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Transactions of KarRC RAS :: Scientific publications

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Биогеография Карелии (флора и фауна таежных экосистем). Труды КарНЦ РАН. Выпуск 4
Петрозаводск: КарНЦ РАН, 2003. 264 с.
Biogeography of Karelia (flora and fauna of boreal ecosystems). Proc. of Karelian Research Centre RAS. Petrozavodsk, 2003. 264 p.

Articles in journal:

Gromtsev A.N. Retrospective analysis of tendencies in the anthropogenic dynamics of the forests3
Gnatyuk Е.Р., Kravchenko A.V., Kryshen A.M. Comparative analysis of local floras of southern Karelia19
Бойчук М.А. Сравнительный анализ флор листостебельных мхов особо охраняемых природных территорий Карелии30
Timofeeva V.V., Kravchenko A.V., Kashtanov M.V., Rudkovskaya О.А. Formation, species composition and specific features of the flora of towns in southern Karelia40
Rudkovskaya О.А. Patterns in vegetation formation in residential areas of Petrozavodsk52
Kravchenko A.V., Gnatyuk E.Р., Kryshen A.M. Main trends in the formation of the flora of a young city in taiga (case study of Kostomuksha, Republic of Karelia)59
Fadeeva М.А. Geographical structure of the lichen flora of the Kostomuksha Strict Nature Reserve and the Kostomuksha City surroundings75
Kryshen A.M. Spatial and temporal differentiation of plant communities in cut-over sites in southern Karelia81
Sazonov S.V. Ornithogeographical division of the taiga in East Fennoscandia and north of the Russian Plain88
Sazonov S.V. Ornithological landscape zoning of Karelia and East Fennoscandia121
Yakovlev E.В. Some trends in changes of Karelian entomofauna in the XXth century exemplified with a few pests, rare and threatened species143
Polevoi A.V. A comparison of fungus gnat (Diptera, Mycetophilidae s. I.) fauna in different biogeographical provinces of Karelia146
Humala, A.E. State-of-the-art in hymenopteran (Insecta, Hymenoptera) studies in Karelia152
Sazonov S.V. Characteristics of bird faunistic groups in the west of Eurasian taiga160
Medvedev N.V., Pozdnyakov S.A. Communities of small mammals in planned protected areas of Karelia181
Sazonov S.V. Modern trends in the dynamics of avifauna in urban areas of Karelia187
Шустов Ю.А. Новые данные по ихтиофауне водоемов Национального парка «Паанаярви»216

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